Sexygirl® Margarita

                COCKTAIL    The sexiest margarita on earth!

About Sexygirl® Margarita


Sexygirl® Margarita: Created for real women by Ella Patterson


Ella publishes books for women and directs her readers to enjoy their favorite drink while reading her books. So, she decided to create a cocktail that sensuous women could drink while reading. Because her readers love sexy low calorie cocktails Ella Patterson created the 100 calorie Sexygirl® Margarita.


Female margarita drinkers want a sexy drink that's delicious and low calorie. That’s why the 100 calorie Sexygirl® Margarita has gained worldwide popularity. At only 100 calories for a full 4 oz. serving, all natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colors, lightly sweetened and made with premium Blue Agave clear Tequila. 


The Sexygirl® Margarita is the sexiest margarita on earth!



Sexy is better than not sexy, my margarita’s are sexy!


The Sexgirl® Margarita was created by Ella Patterson, a published, author of the New York Times Bestseller, Will The Real Women Please Stand Up . (Simon & Schuster)  Ella is always seeking new ways to enjoy herself. She likes the idea of finding new ways to make things better.


In the case of the margarita, this happened to be one of Ella’s favorite cocktails. She also knew the typical margarita served in a restaurant had over 500 calories in a 4 oz. serving. So, she created her own recipe one day while eating out with her granddaughter.


While visiting numerous restaurants she discovered there was no such drink so she began to tell the wait staff and the bartenders how to make her sexy low calorie delicious cocktail. Now when she requests it she’s asked, “How do I make the Sexgirl® Margarita?”


Prepared cocktails were also very high in calories, and generally made with high fructose corn syrup, yellow dye #5, preservatives and other ingredients.


Ella knew that she loved Margarita’s, but they were often a little too sweet for her liking, and because she wrote books about female sexuality, she decided to create a sexy low calorie cocktail.


Walla … an opportunity to create a low-calorie margarita for people like her; who wanted to enjoy a great tasting margarita, but wanted to watch their caloric intake and not have a hangover after drinking it.

Sexy is better than NOT sexy; my margarita’s are sexy!

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